We are QUALITY INDUSTRIES manufacturer of Tungsten carbide parts like Wire Drawing Dies, Tube drawing dies, Bar Drawing Dies, Shape Dies, Bush / Plug and Wire Guide. We began our operations in 2010.

A vibrant skilled and knowledgeable workforce committed to customer satisfaction is our strength at Quality Industries. Our workforce is continually exposed to newer manufacturing processes, technical specifications and international standards. Each member plays a part in decision making with his or her suggestions. Care is taken as per statutory requirements to ensure safety of the work force.

Ankit Patel

Metal Excellence

Ever since our inception, we have explored several emerging and untapped possibilities in the market. Our thirst for innovation has led us to manufacture using other metals like Tungsten Carbide, Steel,Stainless steel.

Process Enhancement

Over the years, having pitched ourselves against international competition, we discovered ways and means to better our manufacturing process; making it sharp, competitive as also adopting to Indian conditions.

Raw Material Availability

Procurement of raw material is the first stage of manufacturing and is therefore of paramount importance to source the right material. Easy accessibility and reliable quality are vital components to support the functions.

Tech Manpower Availability

we believe that the success of an organisation can only be propelled by the power of its people. Our efforts are directed at inducting the most competent technical personnel.

Our Products

  • T.C. Plugs & Mandrels
  • T.C. Round Hole Dies
  • T.C. Shape Dies
  • T.C. Wire Guide
  • Polycrystalline Die - PCD Dies
  • Bunching, Stranding & Compacting Die
  • Natural Diamond Dies
  • Mono Diamonds Dies